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Ever spend hours on an estimate only to discover that your idea of a "reasonable budget" and theirs were so far of base it’s not even funny? Or worst yet, crickets?

That ends right now!!!

Watch my FREE 15-minute training to learn the 5 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS you need to be asking on EVERY sales call to ENSURE the only question you prospect it pondering, is which pen to SIGN your proposal with.

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Running a business is HARD!

I hear you. I’ve been there. I can help.

You began this entrepreneurial business adventure to serve a core desire.

Whether that be to be a better stay at home mom, to live a life of freedom, or to make a lasting change in this world. No matter your why …

You don’t need to do it alone!

The beauty of today’s online world is that support & mentorship is just a Zoom call away. Through weekly Zoom coaching calls, we can laser focus on what the key next steps are in your business.

Together we will …

Determine Your Goals

Discover the most important tasks in your business and learn how to identify which actions to take in alignment with your greater why.

Identify Next Steps

Break down your goals into actionable steps and create momentum in your business to achieve the success you deserve.

Keep You Accountable

Ensure your success with regular coaching check-ins so you stay on target and have the support you need in those scary moments.

Having Jocelyn as my business coach and mentor has been an empowering force in my business.

I was stuck thinking of all the thing I had to do in business but didn’t know how to move forward. Jocelyn listened to all my thoughts and reflected on her own experience with me. After our first Skype call together, I had a clear path and direction to head in.

Fast forward three weeks and my business has exploded. I have more proposal requests than time to write them. Thank you, Jocelyn, for helping me to see and believe in myself.

- Kylie

#YourBusinessYourWay Programs

5 Essential Questions to ask on Every Sales Call to ensure you Nail the Sale!

1:1 Business Coaching & Strategy
Laser Focus Support to Achieve Your Goals

Group Business Coaching & Masterminds
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Does any of this sound familiar …

  • I know I started this business for a reason, but at this point, I’m not sure I remember why
  • I’m burned out on this 24-7 treadmill I’ve put myself on
  • I love what I do but spend way too much of my time doing parts of the business I hate
  • I feel like an imposter. I wonder if I should “just get a job”, sigh. It sure sounds easier

Are you living in a world of "shoulds"?

As a business owner, there are so many things pulling at your time. So many “shoulds” of what you could / should be doing. Every task can feel like a mountain and with so many things on our plate in business, it's hard to know where to start.

That’s where I can help.

I’ve been running my Portland Oregon based Creative Design Agency, first as a freelancer later as an agency owner, for over a decade, all while wrangling two boys at home. Not only do I have over 13yrs of experience running a successful business but I am a Certified Emotional Mastery Coach.

Whether we realize it or not the "how" of running our business is typically not our greatest challenge. We are.

We often know what to do, but get in our own way. Thus, true business coaching that results in long-term results requires that we dig not only into the nuts and bolts of running a business; but how our emotions show up to run things as well.

As your  Coach & Mentor, I support you in doing just that. 

Helping you to identify the right next step in your business. Being in your corner, holding you accountable and seeing in you what you may not yet see in yourself. With regular communication, support, and strategy you can accomplish your dreams.

... and, just maybe, fall in love with your business again.

Jocelyn gave me the confidence to move forward with my ideas and we put a plan into place and it has now opened the doors to new clients.

- Martin

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Portland Business Coach

Shall We Begin?

Schedule a 20 minute call with me so I can learn a bit more about where you are in your business and you can ask me any questions you might have.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you fall in love with your business again.

Jocelyn Mozak WordPress Designer
Portland Oregon based Emotional Mastery Business Coach &
WordPress Website Creative Agency Owner

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