Does any of this sound familiar …

  • I’m so tired. I not even sure I’m cut out for this entrepreneur thing anymore
  • I know I started this business for a reason .. but at this point … I’m not sure I remember why
  • I’m burned out on this 24-7 treadmill I’ve put myself on
  • I love what I do but spend way too much of my time doing parts of the business I hate
  • I wonder if I should “just get a job” … it sure sounds easier

Running a business can feel HARD!

I hear you. I’ve been there. I can help.

I’ve been running my WordPress Website Design Agency, first as a freelancer later as an agency owner, for over a decade, all while wrangling two boys at home under the age of thirteen.

As a business owner, there are so many things pulling at your time. So many “shoulds” of what you could / should be doing.

Where to begin?

Every task can feel like a mountain and with so many mountains in our business which one should we even start with?

That’s where I can help. Not only do I have over 10yrs of experience running a successful business but I am a great listener, problem solver, and strategist. As your coach, I am able to listen to your challenges, guide you in identifying the most important mountains and then help you uncover the clear next steps.

Even better … you will have someone in your corner holding you accountable. With regular communication and support you while you climb those hills, conquer those mountains and achieve your goals.

And just maybe … Fall in love with your business again.

If your business running YOU instead of YOU running IT …