Rituals for the Win in Business

Are you setting yourself up for success each day?

You can in as little as 15 minutes.

Showing your Business Who’s Boss in 2020

Can you believe it's already 2020?

It starts with figuring out where you are going and then ensuring that each an every decision in business supports this goal.

Sound overwhelming? It's not. I Promise. Shall we begin?

Raise Your Prices

The notion that your customers would want you to raise your prices seems downright crazy.

But you know what ... it's not!

Taking 100% Responsibility

Are you parenting your clients? If so ... it's time to stop.

Afraid to Succeed?

We know our present. We know our past. But our future? If it's to be different. That's scary!

Conference “Flu” is Real

Thankfully, with some intentional self-care, you can prevent the dreaded Conference "Flu".

WordCamp Speaker Wisdom

It all began with a simple tweet:

"What is one piece of wisdom would you give a first time WordCamp Speaker?"

When Life Gives You Lemons

The year started off with a bang. But everything came to a grinding halt when I found a lump.

Are lying to yourself?

Think about the last time you said “should” to yourself. Do you remember what happened?

That’s right … nothing!

Learning to Trust Yourself in Business

Pushing myself harder wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

What I needed to find was me.

Are You Ready to Step into the Light and be Seen?

Do you find yourself hiding? I know I certainly have.

Building a Profitable WordPress Website Agency

Sounds simple. Grow a team, get more clients & make more money.

Right? Wrong!

Motion is not Action

You might be crossing things off your list. But are you doing the right things?

Are old stories holding you back?

When I told my coach about a big project I recently turned down gently said to me: "I think you're letting a story hold you back"

Crap! She was right!

The Power of Community

I found a place to learn and grow. 

Tending the Garden of Your Business

Without attention, plants won’t flower and leads won’t turn into future clients.