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12 week signature coaching program

Your Business. Your Way.

Do you find yourself …

  • Jumping from program to program looking for the “right” way to do things?
  • Knowing what you want to get do yet unable to take action?
  • Living someone else’s dream for your life and not your own?
  • Scattered and unsure of which path to take?

If any of these statements above resonate with you please know you are not alone.

We live in such a noisy world that seems to love to tell us where we are falling short and the 101 things we "should" be doing and all the mountains we "should" be climbing. What's worse, the world has trained us to look outside ourselves for answers. It's no wonder we feel lost, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We are trying to follow everyone's compass but our own.

It's time to rediscover your internal compass!

Having Jocelyn as my business coach and mentor has been an empowering force in my business.

I was stuck thinking of all the thing I had to do in business but didn’t know how to move forward. Jocelyn listened to all my thoughts and reflected on her own experience with me. After our first Skype coaching call together, I had a clear path and direction to head in.

Fast forward three weeks and my business has exploded. I have more proposal requests than time to write them. Thank you, Jocelyn, for helping me to see and believe in myself.

- Kylie

The "Your Business Your Way" program begins with ...

Phase 1: Choosing your Mountain

Before we start climbing we need to identify which mountain we want to climb. It sounds simple enough, yet it is the trickiest and most critical step in the journey.

So often when we find ourselves miserable in our business, unable to achieve our goals, or jumping from program to program is because we are following everyone else's compass but our own.

Yet if you are to truly create "Your Business Your Way" it is critical to learn to discern your own path in life. That is where the magic lies.

Phase 2: Gather your Gear

Confident in our destination it is time to start gathering our gear. But what to bring?

It may be tempting to throw all the usual patterns and behaviors into our bag. After all, they got us this far so why not.

Yet, not all habits are created equal and some will hold you back. It's time to release those that do not serve and discover new ones to propel you forward.

Phase 3: Prepare for the Elements

In life, we need to prepare for the unexpected. While we can set ourselves up for success, life happens as we all know.

Thus we need to arm ourselves with tools to ensure that if knocked off course, we can find our way back quickly.

Phase 4: Chart your Course

So, are you excited? It's time to plan the path to achieving our goals.

Utilizing the "slight edge" methodology and "gap method" you will learn how to ensure you are taking the key next step towards climbing your mountain.

Phase 5: Off you Go

This is where we get to put one foot in front of the other. It might not sound glamorous, but it is essential, and it's rewarding.

When you are finally focused on the right mountain, your mountain, you get to enjoy the journey because finally, you are doing all the right things for all the right reasons.

Phase 6: Summitting

And when you reach the top .. what a view!

You can look behind you. See where you began. It looks so small and far away and yet you were once there. And now you are standing proudly at the summit. Confident in your creation and armed with the skills to tackle many more mountains to come.

Will you join me?

I'm currently offering this program in both Small Group and 1:1 Coaching form.

If this feels like the next right step for you I invite you to send me an email or schedule a time to chat.

PS: Get on the Waitlist for the next Small Group Your Business Your Way Coaching Mastermind

Jocelyn gave me the confidence to move forward with my ideas and we put a plan into place and it has now opened the doors to new clients in my business.

- Martin

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