12 week signature coaching program

Master your Emotions. Master your Life.

Do you find yourself …

  • Constantly at the whim of your emotions?
  • Living in a world of shoulds?
  • Scattered and unsure of which path to take?
  • Feeling like you can’t seem to catch a break?

If any of these statements above resonate with you please know you are not alone.

We live in such a noisy world that seems to love to tell us where we are falling short and the 101 things we "should" be doing. What's worse, it has trained us to look outside ourselves for answers. It's no wonder we feel lost, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We are trying to follow everyone's compass but our own.

It's time to rediscover your internal compass!

I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be guided through Jocelyn's coaching program. She has a great way of creating a safe and supportive space, which enabled me to be fully present during the sessions and when focusing on exercises on my own.

Jocelyn is so compassionate and such a good listener, as she taught the material I was able to see how it related to me and the dynamics of my life, and she helped me navigate my understanding to be able to make easily manageable shifts in my thoughts and behavior.

- Callie

"Master your Emotions. Master your Life" signature program begins with ...

Phase 1: Awareness

Before anything can change you must first shine a light on what's holding you back. Those emotional and physical responses to environmental triggers that only serve to derail you and keep you from living the life you truly desire. Only once you can name them for what they are can you begin to create your new reality.

Phase 2: Acceptance

Letting go of what is and was is the key next step forward. Holding on tight only serves to keep that that does not serve in your experience. Instead, learn how to lovingly release and move forward.

Phase 3: Responsibility

Discovering your ability to stand 100% in your own power is transformative. No longer do you need to look outside yourself to be complete nor do you need to give away any part of yourself to complete another. You are whole.

Phase 4: Activation

With this newfound sense of self, you are ready to discover your own true north. What is it you truly want in this life? Your own internal compass will be your guide.

Phase 5: Acceleration

Now that you know your destination, it's time to chart a course with your north star as your guide. You will learn how to use the "slight edge" methodology and the "gap" philosophy to take inspired action and make your dreams become a reality.

Phase 6: Transformation

That magical moment when you realize that your reality looks more like your dreams than your past. It's that "I'll be damn" moment when you realize how far you have come.

... not too shabby for 12 weeks of work.

Will you join me?

I'm currently offering this program in both Small Group and 1:1 Coaching form.

If this feels like the next right step for you I invite you to send me an email or schedule a time to chat.

Portland Oregon based Business Coach & Mentor

The biggest change I am experiencing is my thoughts, especially how I no longer get caught up in negative thought patterns. With Jocelyn’s coaching, I have learned how to see where those thoughts are coming from and move through them with more compassion for myself.

I greatly appreciate how I felt seen and heard, truly understood and guided with love and compassion. Jocelyn is an absolute natural when it comes to coaching and support for people.

Thank you Jocelyn, I am so very grateful for you.

- Starre