Conference “Flu” is Real

I LOVE WordPress WordCamps!

Nothing beats escaping "real life" to be surrounded by people who actually want to talk about WordPress 24/7.

In truth, I'm not sure where I'd be had I not discovered the world of WordPress WordCamps. I share about this here: When was the last time you felt seen?

Yet, every coin has 2 sides

While amazing, it is also much more stimulation than most of us are used to getting. That, coupled with possibly staying out past our bedtimes and having a drink or two can make the days that follow less than pleasant.

Thankfully, with some intentional self-care, you can prevent the dreaded Conference "Flu".

Here are some tips from some WordPress WordCamping pros:

"Due to the amount of sitting required, I find a hard run helps me recover." ~ Landon Otis

"YES. Need a quiet day to decompress and go over notes, relax, prep for work, etc. Must schedule an open day after." ~ Rachelle Wise

"Naps for sure. 🙂 I'm usually good after 1 camp and can go back to work Monday but back to back camp weekends, 1 of which was WCUS, has forced me to actually take yesterday, today, and tomorrow off. Yesterday I actually slept until 7am. SCANDALOUS! lol" ~ Tim Cantrell

"Sleep. Breakfast tacos. Water. Repeat. There are three breakfast tacos that have medicinal properties: 1) Bean, cheese, and bacon 2) Potato, egg, and cheese 3) The trashcan, whose contents vary from place to place Drowned in salsa, of course." ~ Pressable

"I napped for 3 hours after I got home. I think a lot has to do with flying. I drove to one WC. Took my time. Stayed at a hot springs along the way and felt great after. Flying almost always involves weird hours, waking too early, etc. It's hard. I'd say, Don't drink alcohol." ~ Angela Bowman

"Oh my goodness!! I thought it was just me! I've learned I have to bring water with me to conferences to stay hydrated and, whenever possible, I try to rest/relax before a conference." ~ Aida

"I'm planning to invest in some extra vitamins and Airborne before I fly. I find that flying makes things worse for me. I did 8 camps this year and the only one I got sick after was WCUS...where I was on 4 airplanes." ~ WPCoffeeTalk

"I have very often. But it's the camps where I set super strict boundaries on bed times and getting away on my own for a bit where I've been able to come home energized." ~ Matt

"After WCUS I was beat! A good long sleep, a nice long run the next day, and good food helped me get back in the swing of things. But it took about 4 days until I felt "normal" again" ~ Emily Hunkler

"I used to work a non-WordPress conference every weekend. Fly out Friday and back Monday. Prevention helped a lot during the weekend I drank lots of fluids, protein centric breakfast , always had a cardigan sweater, trail mix snacks, really great shoes. Comfy sweatshirt on plane" ~ Laura Byrne Cristiano

"Extra sleep, hike/walk/run somewhere with trees. Always have a distinct need to burn/metabolize food/drink out of my system, breathe and clear my head so I can refocus on the important ideas and the actionable opportunities." ~ Brett Bumeter

"I like to take a scheduled day off work after any conference/travel where I don’t have anything scheduled. I relax but also work a little bit so that when I return to work the day after I’m caught up and am able to transition back smoothly." ~ rudyfaile

Do you have any Conference "Flu" prevention techniques? 

I'd love to add them to my list.

You can comment below or better yet, join the conversation on Twitter.

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