Are old stories holding you back?

Ever have those moments where you’re ready to leap forward in your business yet you find old stories are holding you back?

I know that happened to me recently. About two years ago I had a really rough experience with a project. It was for the biggest budget I had done to date.

Because of this, I had it in my head that that meant I had to say yes to every request made by the client. Enter scope creep hell stage left! 

Well, I survived the project but the damage had been done. I finish it swearing I’d never do another project of that size ever again!

And because of this, I turned down several amazing opportunities all because of this one challenging experience.

When I had my most recent opportunity to turn down a big project my coach gently said to me: “I think you’re letting a story hold you back”

Crap! She was right. 

But here is the thing I realized. Just because I let a past project spin out of control did not mean I had to let new ones 😉   Instead, I could use this new insight and the new project as an opportunity to grow.  

So despite my fears, I decided to take on the project.   And guess what … I LOVE MY NEW CLIENT!!!

So I want to ask you today: Where are you holding yourself back due to past experiences? Are you ready to push through it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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