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Ever have those moments where you’re ready to leap forward in your business yet you find old stories are holding you back?

I know that happened to me recently.

About a two years ago I had a really rough experience with a project. It was for the biggest budget I had done to date.

Because of this, I had it in my head I that that meant I had to say yes to every request made by the client.

Enter scope creep hell stage left! 

Well, I survived the project but the damage had been done.

I finish it swearing I’d never do another project of that size ever again!

And because of this, I turned down several amazing opportunities all because of this one challenging experience.

Thank goodness for coaches 😉

When I had my most recent opportunity to turn down a big project my coach gently said to me: “I think you are hitting an upper limit”

Crap! She was right. 

But here is the thing I realized. Just because I let a past project spin out of control did not mean I had to let new ones 😉

So I want to ask you today: 

  • Where are you holding yourself back due to past experiences?
  • Have you created an upper limit for yourself and is it time to push through it?


If you need any support, know I’m happy to help. Supporting other business owners is a passion of mine!