Learning to Trust Yourself in Business

I struggle with anxiety and it is the worst in the mornings.

I used to try to push through and throw myself into work very first part of the day.

Unfortunately, all of the cajoling and forcing myself into the way I “should” be doing things made my anxiety worse.

And why should I be surprised?

If I spoke to my son the way I was speaking to myself he’d be curled up in a little ball.

No wonder the self-berating never seemed to “motivate” me.

I kept trying to find ways to not have the morning feeling of a tight chest and wanting to disappear.

Things like waking up before the family and working for a few hours or running five miles before sunrise.

Alas, pushing myself harder wasn’t getting the results I wanted or the clarity I needed.

It was only by shifting my attitude to putting myself first that I was able to start feeling good about my day and good about my work.

Instead of bullying myself, I began to practice self-care.

I began treating myself with the same compassion I would my son.

Another shift I have made is focusing even more on working with clients that light me up.

It is amazing how good it feels to work with clients I love and whose mission complements my own.

Seeing empowered women sharing their message with their tribe gives me a sense that I am doing the right things at the right time, for them and for me.

I found my flow.

Now flow is the last word I would have ever expected to come out of this engineer’s mouth!

Yet it is exactly what I needed and my path to success.

When I am in flow I simply trust myself to be the adult I am.

To nurture myself when I need it and to focus when I need to.

Timing also plays a big part in how my business runs.

For me, better timing was when I shifted to relaxed mornings where I get the kiddos off to school and enjoy a cup of coffee and a bit of self-reflection before even turning on the computer.

In flow I can work and lose track of time, quite happily, too!

By being present at each point in my day and checking in with myself, I am better able to be there as a business owner and as a mom.

I invite you to take ownership of yourself and trust your own inner knowing.

Create your business to sustain the life that you want to live.

#MyLifeMyWay gives me the permission I was waiting for to redefine the flow of my morning and set intentional priorities for the day.

What will you give yourself permission to do in your own business?

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  1. ?Northwest Writer on November 30, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    ????? Yes to this –> “To nurture myself when I need it and to focus when I need to.” ?????

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