Rituals for the Win in Business

I find my best days are the ones I that I move through with intentionality and ease. The opposite of which are the days I’ve spent in reactive mode. Drinking too much coffee and jumping from task to task without any overarching priority guiding my way. Sound familiar?

I've always found that the difference between these two days always boils down to how I spent the first 15 minutes. Whether I dive straight into my business inbox or instead start with intention makes all the difference in the world.

For me these rituals include:

  • Brewing a pot of herbal tea so I have something warm to drink other than coffee
  • Filling my water bottle each morning and adding a slice of lemon
  • Lighting a candle to signify the start of the day
  • Turning on music
  • Getting out my business planner and blocking out when I will work on what
  • And especially in winter, turning on every light in the room!

Separately, they are little things, but together they help me to show up each day with intention and focus and that makes all the difference, both to myself and my coaching clients.

So I want to ask you. What is one action you can take at the start of your day to set your intention as show up as the Boss of your Business?

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