Taking 100% Responsibility

Are you parenting your clients?

It might sound like an odd question but if you are anything like I was, it's not as odd a question as you might think.

On sales calls with prospective clients, I often found myself thinking:

  • Can they afford me?
  • Should they afford me?
  • Maybe I should lower my prices so my services would make sense financially for them ...

This was even before I opened my mouth to ask them questions like:

  • Did they have budgeted for this project?
  • How much working with me would grow their bottom line?

My clients didn't need me worrying about where they should spend their pennies. That was NONE of my business. Plus, I was pre-deciding their budget without even asking!

My job was to know my own value, expenses and how my services could transform their business. It was up to them to decide if my services and cost made sense for them. Period.

Wow! That was quite the revelation

Here’s the great news. When we stop parenting our clients and instead show up to sales calls standing 100% in our own power, knowing and sharing confidently the cost and benefit of doing business with us, we get to charge what we are worth.

Just imagine what that would do for your bottom line!


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