Are You Ready to Step into the Light and be Seen?

When was the last time you felt seen?

Truly seen as an individual and not a label?

A­­s someone with their own character and strengths; with immense value for what you bring to the world as opposed to the label you have been assigned or have assigned to yourself.

For me, this realization came to pass whe­­n I was presenting on stage at a WordPress Website Conference.

There I shared my experiences and stories as a WordPress Website agency owner with the attendees. I shared the pros and cons of having a team and about all the mistakes one might make along the way.

Jocelyn Mozak speaks on Helping Non-Profits Change The World With WordPress, at WordCamp Portland, 2015 #wcpdx

I loved being on stage and telling my stories.

But nothing could compare to the feelings I felt afterward when members of the audience came up to me afterward and shared with me how my stories impacted them.

I had let my light shine and I was rewarded.

Not only did I impact others; I gave the gift of visibility to myself.

You see, being seen is critical for me.


Well, I hit a big milestone recently — turning 40!

Suddenly I found myself trying to figure out who I was.

When I was in my 20’s, I did all the things I was expected to do.

I got all the right degrees from all the right Ivy League schools.

I launched my career and firmly believe I could be just like the men and climb the cooperate ladder.

Yet with the arrival of children, things began to change.

In my 30’s I switched gears to become a mother.

I started defining myself as a mother and a wife.

I felt since my husband was now the sole breadwinner vs us being equaled it was my job to do everything else.

While this felt good at the time, I soon lost the person I used to be.

That high powered corporate person who was positioned to take over the world. (or so I thought at 20).

As I approached 40 I began to wonder who the heck I was.

What happened to the 20 something that was ready to take over the world?

I certainly did not enter my 40’s seeing myself as someone with a bigger vision and gifts to share with the world.

Yet when I spoke at WordCamp Website Conferences and had the opportunity to stand on stage to share my learnings I was rewarded.

It was incredibly validating to have my experience recognized.

Even more, to be told that I had inspired others or provided them a new perspective was beyond amazing and humbling.

My fire was relit! I had found my purpose.

There are really no words to describe how it feels when you feel truly seen.

Nor are there words when you realize that your life’s purpose it so much more than taking over the world.

Talk about maturity!

Forty is this big milestone that people like to call a Midlife Crisis; I prefer to think of it as a Midlife Awakening.

I am awakening to the impact that I want to make in this world.

Do I want to just be a worker bee that makes a lot of money?

No. I want to give back! I want to inspire others.

I want to use all I have learned in my life as someone who followed the industry standard to become an engineer, as someone who became a mother, someone who’s gone through breast cancer, someone who’s started a business and grown it into a successful website design agency.

I want to use my experiences along the path to inspiring others.

To let them know that there is no one way to live your life.

I feel an inner calling to share the message #YourLifeYourWay with the world.

As things unfold, keep an eye out for more on this topic.

I’m done hiding the parts of myself that I kept closed off for so many years to do what was expected and fill the role of the moment.

I am ready to let my light shine so that I might inspire others to do the same.

Yes, I’m scared!

It’s both terrifying and unbelievably exciting to show up fully present and fully you because there’s no guarantee of success.

It’s so easy to make excuses when you don’t believe it yet. Can you relate?

Do you find yourself hiding?

I know I certainly have. I have a long list of reasons why I’m not ready to take action. I don’t have the best headshots, or speaker one sheet, or who knows what else. It’s all bullshit … I know that. I’m simply scared. That said …

I for one know I am done with excuses.

I’ve booked a photo session and I’m working on my one sheet.

I’ve also hired a coach I know will push me past my comfort zone.

UPDATE: Check out my Speaker Page!

And even I have begun reworking my website content and visual design because I know I need to make sure my website resonates with those I wish to serve.

Women who are changing the world!

Stop Hiding Parts of Yourself

Authenticity and transparency are what you will need to rely on when you decided to stop hiding parts of yourself.

I tell my favorite clients that when you look like everyone else, you’re forgettable.

Ultimately, following someone else’s path won’t lead to your passion shining through.

The great thing about showing your humanity is that you don’t need to be afraid.

You will connect and resonate with the people that are right for you.

When you put yourself out there on your website and in your message, it will present the most authentic version of you and that will bring the right people to your circle.

You know you need to make changes to get where you’re going.

What’s stopping you?

If you are like me … you need to just close your eyes and jump.

Throw your hat in the ring.

Step up and speak up so your message is amplified.

You are amazing and have a lot to offer the world.

Step into your own humanity and acknowledge the whole of you.

You are all at once a woman, a friend, a businesswoman, a creative — all of the pieces of you blend into the single entity that you are.

Step into your humanity and let your light shine.

Be vulnerable with your clients and show them that through your mess they still have a path to success.

The world needs you and I would be honored to be a part of your success!

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