Tending the Garden of Your Business

When you’ve been in business for some time, it’s natural to focus on one area more than on others.

After all, we all have those parts we love and the others, not so much.

Your business is like a garden. For it to thrive you need to tend it. –Kaya Singer

So what exactly does tending the garden of your business look like?

1. Weed your garden.
Remove all services, product or offerings are things that have popped up in your business that you never intended on growing.

2. Prune your garden.
Just as you would shape a bush or trim a tree, your business needs focused attention to thrive. Prune back services to allow the things you want to really flourish.

3. Thin your garden.
When first plant your garden, you overseed as you are not sure what would thrive. But with time, you began to see what was taking root and what was not. By thinning your garden and removing those products and services that are not thriving, you can focus your attention on those products and services that are flourishing.

4. Relocate plants.
Some plants do better in the shade and you may have planted them in the sun. This is an opportunity to move and shift things around; now you can shape and refine the garden to a better version of itself.

If you ignore your business it’s going to get overgrown.

Without attention, plants won’t flower and leads won’t turn into future clients.

In an overcrowded garden, too many plants will deplete the soil of needed nutrients, much like too many products or services can cause you to burn out.

Take care and nurture the aspects of your business that are thriving.

Those can be the ones that you love because they are beautiful, and they fill your soul. Other thriving plants could be the ones that do well regardless of where you put them.

If you love them and they make your garden happier and more beautiful, keep them. If they are merely doing well by default, consider whether it’s time to prune!

Is your garden becoming the garden you want?

Now that you have tended your garden, which are the plants that you want to nurture? Which ones are the ones that aren’t quite thriving and aren’t adding much to the landscape?

Rely on the people in your network to help you create the amazing garden you envision.

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